What People Are Saying About New Wave Home Care Senior Services

“Sam is responsive and professional. One time—my client had a need for caregiver—he was able to find one very quickly and I was able to provide options to my client right away. He always puts his clients first and you cannot find a better person to help you locate the right caregiver than Sam. He is the person to get the job done right. Thank you Sam for all your help!”

“I contracted with New Wave Home Care Senior Services and Sam Gopinathan to care for my elderly parent at home. The services provided were beyond anything I expected. Whenever any special situation arose, Sam always attended to it promptly. He did more than just solve the problem for my father; he acted proactively to make sure it would not recur. I was always called immediately (I lived some distance away) and learned that I could rely on Sam to take care of dad in a responsible manner. He personally monitored the live-in caregivers he provided. I never had any problems with Sam or his employees. My mother was in a nursing home during this time, and Sam even helped occasionally with her care and often provided me with advice and assistance. I can only offer my very highest recommendation.”

“Sam, [the CEO of New Wave Home Care Pasadena], has been responsive to all of my family’s needs. He understands the complex issues one is faced with while caring for the elderly, and he is always willing to offer compassionate and helpful advice as circumstances change. His caregivers have been extraordinary; I feel completely comfortable with them taking care of my family. He and his staff have always gone beyond my expectations.”

“One of our family members needed help and Sam responded immediately and advised us on what to do for our love one. Sam will bend over backwards to help you and your family. He is truly a remarkable person. I highly recommend him and would contact him first, before contacting anybody else. We would not have been able to move forward without his help and compassion!”

“Sam Gopinathan is highly skilled and I truly respect his integrity and professionalism. His organization, New Wave Home Care Senior Care, provides exceptional care with sensitivity and competence at a time when families are in crisis. He is a dedicated problem solver and a very compassionate person. His staff is very well trained and tightly screened.

In a time when it’s hard to know who you can trust – you can trust Sam Gopinathan and New Wave Home Care. I recommend his services to my clients and when the time comes that I or my family needs care, Sam will be the first person I call.”

“The Brain Games activity that New Wave Home Care hosts at the Hart Park House Senior Center is a wonderful benefit to our patrons and facility. Not only does it bring fun, hands-on games that get individuals interacting with one another, but the activity itself promotes positive brain health. We are very fortunate to have New Wave Home Care as part of the Senior Center community!”

“We have been clients of New Wave Home Care since mid 2012. We switched from another caregiver service after they failed to adequately screen their employees and we had numerous problems…problems we have never had since we switched. In switching to of New Wave Home Care we also saved a significant amount of money in fees that we feel are very fair. Sam and his team have really worked with us to provide quality caregivers that fit the personality of our client. The caregivers come up to us with suggestions they feel will improve the quality of life for our client. Bottom-line is they care and the whole team cares.”

“New Wave Home Care ranks high among them for several reasons.

Mr. Gopinathan screens all of his staff carefully. I have confidence that all the people he sends me have been screened and are reliable, honest people. More important however is the amount of hands on supervision that Mr. Gopinathan provides in support of his staff. If either I or my case managers have the slightest questions or concerns either Mr. Gopinathan or one of his associates is on the problem instantly. They frequently visit my client’s home to deal with things first hand. They provide me with answers and updates on my clients via e-mail in an extremely timely fashion.

Working with New Wave Home Care and Sam Gopinathan is almost like having an extra case manager on the case. I also trust Mr. Gopinathan to comply with all the regulations concerning over time and minimum wage and at the same time to work with me to keep the costs down. Working with Sam Gopinathan and New Wave Home Care makes my difficult job easier.”

“With all the terrifying news you hear of the elderly being mistreated and abused within the system it is ‘comforting’ to know there are people like Sam who runs a company that is actually concerned with the care and treatment of your loved ones, when you are unable. Thank you Sam.”

“I had often recommended Sam even before I hired him to go with me to Court to assist a lively couple with their care plan issues, and he was wonderful! He was kind, benign, observant and politic. This matter was already ‘in litigation’ and could have exploded further. But his ability to communicate with the caregiving spouse (who was losing capacity and wandered herself during the lunch recess) and his keen way of enabling others to ‘instruct him’, so that she felt she was still in charge, went a long way to reducing the litigation to a manageable care plan, with the needs of each spouse being fully met. Since then, the matter has resolved. Sam is amazing!”

“My first call for client staffing is Sam. He understands the difference between hearing and listening. Sam is available on call, answers his calls and emails quickly. The staff are vetted and selected for the tasks required. Sam is a gem!”

“Sam has so much integrity and compassion. His company is a reflection of the kind of person he is. Sam is passionate about providing great care for his clients and it shows in his work ethic and dedication to those he serves. He also takes the time to help other professionals in the community to build a network of care and support in Pasadena. I am honored to know Sam.”

“Sam is a dedicated professional, and is always looking to meet the comforts and needs of his patients. Working with Sam, I have been most impressed with his dedication. He takes the time to drive over to the patients’ homes, and really get to know the patients and their families, to work out solutions that can be implemented in days (even the same day!) rather than weeks. If you’re looking for someone who will truly look out for your patient’s, you can count on Sam.”

“I’ve worked with Sam as his insurance agent since the start up of his New Wave Home Care agency. He is bright, organized, and reliable.”

“Sam is a perfectionist. He wants to offer the best services to his clients. If you have a loved one that you want the kind of care like what a family member offers, Sam’s service can do that for you. You can depend on Sam. He is really a trustworthy person.”

“We would like to express our gratitude for the excellent services you provide, it is a rare occurrence these days to find people who have a heart for what they do in Senior Care and always wiling to take the extra step to assure that our seniors are getting their fair share. From the start of a referral you have been friendly, professional and caring, and we will always be willing to spread the word whenever we can.”

“I have known Sam for several years now, and he is so easy to work with. We spoke on a panel together where Sam told the seniors and their families what questions to ask when they are seeking a caregiver in their home. Sam is genuinely concerned for the well-being of his clients, and encourages them to do their due diligence before hiring a person who will have access to the senior’s personal papers and affairs. Sam and his team screen the caregivers so his clients do not have to.”

“I have known Sam and Swati for four years. I have worked with them as volunteers with the Pasadena Senior Center and also with different health fairs. They, like myself, are very involved in the community. I have recommended their home care services to my hospice patients and families.”

“One of my friends from a networking group desperately needed home care for her husband, who was physically disabled by a stroke. The husband had a Long Term Care policy, and he was entitled to benefit, yet the company issuing the policy had consistently denied his claims through various bureaucratic means.

When Sam Gopinathan, of New Wave Home Care, took the case, he not only provided a wonderful team of tightly-screened, well-trained people to care for my friend’s husband, but he also completely took over the job of dealing with the insurance company’s recalcitrant claims department, relieving my friend tremendously on two counts.

I have come to know Sam personally over the past few months, and I deeply respect him for his integrity and his dedication to his clients’ care and well-being. Sam is a tireless, hands-on problem solver, who understands that, in order to provide exceptional care for his clients, he must personally attend to many details. If I were to need home care for one of my loved-ones, there is no doubt in my mind, that I would want Sam to be in charge”

“Our office has had the pleasure of working with Sam Gopinathan and those at New Wave Home Care on many occasions. I am constantly impressed not only by the professionalism, but in the genuine interest the caregivers take in each client. Under the thoughtful oversight of Mr. Gopinathan, New Wave Home Care makes it a point to stay current regarding the latest issues affecting the elderly. The focus is a solution-oriented and educational approach for those in our community. New Wave Home Care is not only a resource for my clients, but one I would trust for my own family.”

“I have worked with Sam for the past year with a number of my clients who needed home care and/or drivers. Sam has been very careful and thorough in who he screens for me to consider as part of his company. I appreciate many things about Sam and his caregivers, and I’ll mention a few here:

  • Sam does what he says he’s going to do, even at his own inconvenience. When I needed a client to get to an appointment when his caregiver’s car broke down, Sam himself went to the client’s home to ensure they went to the appointment on time;
  • Sam has excellent business background and common sense. He has often used very good judgment when employing caregivers, and some other companies don’t have that skill;
  • Sam appreciates his caregivers and gives them tangible and verbal appreciation to back that up. Those who work for Sam know he is a generous person, both in word and in deed;
  • Sam works collaboratively, and he encourages his caregivers to do the same. This is a real benefit to me, as I also desire collaboration amongst a care team that I’m part of.
  • I recently have been convalescing with a broken ankle, and Sam’s caregivers were both timely, compassionate and capable in the tasks I needed while recuperating. I had good communication with them when they worked for me, and I was able to have a lot done for the time I had. It has made my time of healing much more pleasant and I don’t feel like I have a lot to do ‘after they leave,’ which is refreshing!

I heartily recommend Sam for your consideration for your care team.”

“Dear Sam, I want to thank you and Swati for your professional help, including coming to the house to make suggestions for eliminating hazards. I also want to thank you for making arrangements with our long-term care insurance company. My wife used your caregivers for a couple of weeks after she got home, and the caregivers were very good.

My wife is making fine progress and is looking forward to travelling to Atlanta later this month for our grandson’s wedding. Thanks very much Sam and Swati. Without your help we would not have had such a good experience after my wife left the California to come home. I am sure that inevitably as we get older we will need to request your help in the future.”

“We wanted to let you know how appreciative our family is, for not only your help in finding the appropriate caretakers for our mother the past two years, but also your personal interest in each and every client/family you seem to assist.

You’ve responded immediately when we’ve had issues and personally attended first time introductions of new caretakers with our mother, which has been tricky to say the least.  You’ve known how to speak to her on her level, without making her feel voiceless.

Providing valuable information on dementia (and elderly care in general) with your New Wave Home Care staff was so beneficial to my sister and I.  At your informal and welcoming seminar recently, we were made to feel we weren’t alone in our quest to help our mother keep her dignity and pride, while being realistic of her situation.

I would recommend your services to anyone looking for assistance with their aging loved ones.  Keep up the good work.  It’s not an easy job, but New Wave Home Care seems to have found that great balance between serious care of the elderly along with compassion and maybe even a sense of humor, which we all need a dose of every now and then. Thanks again.”

“I have known Sam for over 5 years. I have used his agency many times.  He is currently providing caregiver services to several of my clients. Sam is an exemplary individual.  He is honest, compassionate and always willing to go well beyond the call of duty.  His employees also exhibit this same behavior. I give him my highest recommendation.”