When you need specialized home care for your elderly loved one, you aren’t going to settle for anything less than excellence. New Wave Home Care provides highly personalized care for seniors in the Arcadia area, with a dedicated staff of friendly, professional, and personable caregivers.

How to Start

Our personalized care services for Arcadia residents always begins with a free in-home assessment from our on-staff RN. That assessment provides us with the information we need to select the most appropriate caregiver for your loved one.

From there, the caregiver can begin caring for and attend to your loved one — and also become a trusted friend and companion.

What We Do

Our biggest concern beyond the health and safety of your loved one is your peace of mind. You can call us and reach one of our team members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Any time you have a question or concern about your loved one or about the care that our team provides, you can reach us by phone.

We’re often asked how much our caregivers take on. The services are very much tailored to the needs of your family, but we typically address your loved one’s dietary and medication needs and communicate with healthcare providers regularly. Our care also includes grooming, bathing, and other hygiene assistance chores as well as housekeeping.

Additionally, we’re committed to companionship. Our caregiver will spend quality time with your loved one, watching movies, playing games, and other fun activities.

Comprehensive Safety Checks

We provide free fall-prevention and safety checks at the home immediately upon beginning care. We’ll evaluate your loved one’s physical condition, gait, and balance. We’ll then recommend ways to prevent harm, such as removing fall hazards, improving lighting, and installing handrails and grab bars for slippery areas.


Transportation is a large component of what our caregivers can provide. We can safely take your loved one to any healthcare providers, such as the Huntington Drive Health and Rehabilitation Center, Methodist Hospital, All Pro Health Center, and physicians’ offices in Arcadia and the surrounding areas.

Caregivers can also drive your loved one to any favorite places, or even out to complete regular errands. We can take care of any trips your loved one needs to make to Ralphs, Vons or other local stores, or even visits to see friends and family members.

We’ll also take your loved one out for activities — to see a play at the Arcadia Performing Arts Center, to take a walk in the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden, or to play bingo at the Arcadia Community Center.

Medical Management

The process of dealing with health insurance companies is extremely demanding. For this reason, we will handle the insurance paperwork for you. We’ll also keep the insurance provider updated over time to better serve your loved one’s needs and to reduce wasteful spending on unused benefits.

Please call us at 888-385-9898 to set up a FREE in-home assessment for your loved one in Arcadia.