For seniors and their families living in the Beverly Hills area that need in-home care from compassionate and competent caregivers, New Wave Home Care is here. Our caregivers are well-trained to give your loved one the best home care available.

How to Start

Our care begins with a free in-home assessment from an RN. After evaluation, our team can select the right caregiver for your loved one, considering their needs and our caregivers’ expertise.

We are here to make sure that you and your family have peace of mind regarding your loved one’s safety and care. That’s why we have people on staff, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer any questions that you may have about your loved one and their care.

Comprehensive Safety Checks

We perform safety checks at your loved one’s homes to identify and prevent potential health hazards. We make sure that there are no loose cables, bad lighting, or obstructions that will restrict your loved one’s mobility. We also will recommend and install any safety devices that may be necessary, including support handles and bars in slippery or tough-to-reach places.

What We Do

We will help your loved one with their everyday tasks and chores as well. We help them bathe and groom, and we’ll cook and clean for your loved one. We make sure they receive the proper medications and dosages, and we will administer their medications. We become trustworthy, reliable, companions to your loved one and will take part in fun activities in order to keep them happy and entertained.


We know how difficult it is for the elderly to transition back home after a hospital stay. We are here to make sure this transition goes as smoothly as possible, by providing transportation to and from healthcare centers such as AHF Health Care Center, Beverly Hills Cancer Center, or Cedars Sinai Hospital, as well as any of their physicians’ offices in Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas.

We also coordinate with these providers upon their visits and ensure that nutrition and medication regimens are implemented properly.

We want your loved one to retain their mobility and freedom. We’ll provide transportation to and from their favorite places, whether it’s your house, or shop at Ralphs or Gelson’s. We will also be their companion on a trip to the Beverly Hills Farmers Market, an exhibit at the Paley Center for Media, or a show at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts. Anywhere they wish to go, we’ll make sure they get there safely.

Medical Management

We will make your life easier and less stressful by handling your loved one’s insurance paperwork. Our experts will continually update and refine the plan to address new needs that may emerge, or reduce spending on unnecessary benefits.

Please call us at 888-385-9898 to set up a FREE in-home assessment, and get your loved one the care they deserve.