New Wave Home Care is here to provide quality, personal in-home care to seniors. We serve our clients in Brentwood with a commitment to learning and addressing your loved one’s particular needs and concerns, and becoming a trusted companion and confidant.

How to Start

Our care begins immediately upon contact. We start with a free in-home assessment from an RN, at your loved one’s home in Brentwood.  Then we are able to pick the right caregiver, based on their needs and our caregiver’s expertise.

We are committed to maintaining your peace of mind at all times, which is why we have people available 24/7 to answer any concerns you have and help you deal with situations as they arise.

What We Do

We’ll help your loved one groom and bathe, and assist with other tasks such as cleaning and chores. We can also prepare meals, pick up prescriptions, and spend time doing fun things like crafts and games.

Comprehensive Safety Checks

We perform thorough safety checks at your loved one’s home in Brentwood. We’ll by start removing potential hazards such as loose cords and objects, obstructed pathways, and slippery areas. We can also add grab bars to slippery areas.


We know how difficult it can be when a loved one returns home from a long stay in the hospital. We will help them get to and from any doctor’s office or medical center in Brentwood such as West Los Angeles Medical Center, Ronald Reagan UCLA, or Brentview Medical Urgent Care.

We’ll keep your loved one active and mobile! We can take them wherever they need to go, whether it’s something as mundane as a trip to Whole Foods or Vons, or a nice day at the Getty Center, we can make sure they enjoy all of their favorite things. And of course, we can take them to see you and their family and friends as well!

Medical Management

Our caregivers will coordinate with health care providers and administer medications for your loved one. We can also plan their meals in accordance with their dietary needs.

We will deal directly with their insurance company, and handle all of the insurance paperwork. We will be able to make sure your loved one pays to get the coverage they need, without paying extra for unnecessary benefits. We can handle this stressful process for you, giving you some relief and peace of mind.

If your loved one in Brentwood needs quality in-home care, call us at 888-385-9898 to set up a FREE in-home assessment with our RN, and get the care your loved one deserves.