For senior citizens in Burbank who need in-home care, few offer the specialized, personalized service that defines New Wave Home Care. Our caregivers are not only highly competent and excellently trained; they specialize in learning everything they can about your loved one and their needs, in order to provide service based on trust, compassion, and understanding.

How to Start

Our in-home service begins with a free assessment from our on-staff RN. We’ll travel to Burbank to visit your loved one in their home to evaluate their health and condition. When we know exactly what kind of care your loved one will require, we’ll be able to choose the best caregiver, based on their individual expertise.

What We Do

We’ll assist your loved one with their daily tasks. We’ll help them bath and groom. We’ll help them with their medications, by not only administering them but also keeping track of different prescriptions and coordinating with doctors. We’ll clean up around the house, cook and prepare nutritious meals, and even keep your loved one company with games and movies.

Additionally, in case you or your loved one have any concerns or questions at any time, we are available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Comprehensive Safety Checks

We perform in-home safety checks for all of our clients. We’ll come to Burbank to visit your loved one in their home. Once we’ve evaluated their mobility, gait, and balance, we’ll be able to make recommendations to maximize safety. These measures include removing obstacles such as bad lighting or loose cables and boxes. Additionally, we can recommend and install grab bars in the bath, shower, and other potentially hazardous areas, in order to prevent slips and falls.


We make transitioning home from a hospital stay as easy as possible. We’ll provide transportation to and from the hospital or doctor’s office in Burbank. Whether it’s Saint Joseph Medical Center, Burbank Urgent Care, or Glendale Memorial Hospital, we’ll get them there and back. We’ll be in regular communication with your loved one’s healthcare provider or doctor, coordinate and manage prescriptions, and address nutritional, dietary, and lifestyle needs.

We’ll give your loved one their freedom and mobility by transporting them wherever they’d like to go. We’ll make a trip to Pavilions, Ralphs, or Vons for some groceries. Or we’ll take them for a fun day at the Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens, or a play at the Garry Marshall Theatre. We’ll ensure that your loved one doesn’t miss out on their favorite things.

Medical Management

We’ll handle your loved one’s insurance paperwork for you! Our team of experts will not only relieve you of the hassle of dealing with the insurance companies and ensure that your loved one gets the coverage they need, but we’ll be able to help save money by reducing wasteful spending.

Please call 888-385-9898 to set up a free in-home assessment from New Wave Home Care.