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“Caregiving is far more than a business for me. This is the first thing I always strive to communicate to anyone who wants to learn more about senior care and home care. Since founding New Wave Home Care, I have worked to ensure that our care services meet more than just the basic needs of our clients. Caregiving requires compassion, connection, and a relationship between caregiver and client. To understand the importance of compassionate caregiving, I want to offer my own expertise and personal experiences to anyone in need of care services for themselves or their loved ones.”

– Sam Gopinathan, Founder, CEO

As I See It: Bending Willow Opposed Toppling Oak

I’m thinking of a client we called “The Major”, an impressive older gentleman with a long and storied career as a military commander…

Who Said Hi

Purple is her favorite color, and I was sure she would love it. But Veanne didn’t say anything at first, instead looking at it intently, blinking rapidly.

"Can You Take Me To My Doctor?" Share A Moment With Your Seniors

With the pace of today’s life, family may not have the ability to take their parents around all the time.


A former corporate executive, New Wave Home Care founder Sam Gopinathan exchanged his fortune-500 background for a more gratifying venture — developing a new standard of geriatric care. Now a philanthropist and vocal advocate for the compassionate treatment of the elderly, Sam continues to build a culture at New Wave bearing his signature eye for even the smallest detail.

Through listening to stories, sharing laughs and providing service beyond the industry norm, Sam cultivates a unique environment at New Wave by personally valuing the time of each client. New Wave Home Care ensures the loved ones who once cared for us are given that same physical and emotional care in a genuine and empathetic manner.

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Caregiving is more than just physical assistance

When people seek caregiving services for themselves or a loved one, their first criteria is usually finding the best medical care. Of course, at New Wave Home Care we do not take our promise to provide top quality medical assistance lightly. With our well trained caregivers and skilled Registered Nurse, we can ensure that each and every one of our client receives specialized and personal medical assistance, both at home and in emergency situations.

In order to provide top care services, however, I strongly believe that the physical assistance provided by caregivers is only one aspect of the client–caregiver dynamic. In addition to attentive medical care, each client deserves to have a trusting and fruitful relationship with their caregivers. A proper caregiver is not only well trained, but passionate about building the emotional aspect of a client–caregiver relationship. At New Wave Home Care, we ensure this sort of positive relationship, beginning with the very first steps of caregiving. 

building trust with senior patients

Building trust and establishing a relationship

The process of cultivating a rewarding relationship between client and caregiver begins before initiating any actual caregiving service. Each caregiver needs to be trained specifically for the client they are working with. This entails their client’s unique needs, as well as familiarizing themselves with who their client is as a person, including information about their career, family life, interests, passions, and any other important details that help the caregiver better understand who their client is and how they can best connect with them.

Obviously, getting to know anyone takes time, and developing trust does not happen overnight. However, this initial effort to learn a little bit about a client before working with them can truly help set the caregiver-client relationship off to a good start.

The next step in initiating a care-based relationship is a primary introduction between each person. A caregiver never begins their work caring for a client before being introduced to the client first.

After spending years in the field of senior care, I have come to understand how scary it can be for seniors to experience unknown people showing up at their house. It can feel like a major threat for someone to show up unexpectedly, or to enter their home and begin conducting care without a formal and respectful introduction. For this reason, a caregiver is always introduced to the client and their home before beginning any actual caregiving. This way, the client is able to become familiarized with the caregiver, and the caregiver becomes familiarized with the client and their home. In addition, this allows for our clients to truly feel that their home and space is respected by their caregivers and by New Wave Home Care as a whole.

building trust with senior patients
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Connecting with a client on a deeper level

Overtime, a caregiver will naturally get to know their client more and more. A caregiver will learn their client’s likes and dislikes, their hobbies, and hopefully even some insights into how they might make even small gestures to bring joy to their client’s day. For example, a caregiver may learn that their client enjoys doing crosswords. This seemingly insignificant information can allow for a special bond between the client and caregiver. Our caregiver can make note to bookmark the crosswords in the paper, or even do them with their client. A small gesture such as this may very well make someone’s day. At New Wave Home Care, we do not take this lightly. Attentive care includes attention to the emotional bond between a caregiver and a client, and creating this bond includes recognizing even the simplest ways to connect with a client.
Obviously, getting to know anyone takes time, and developing trust does not happen overnight. However, this initial effort to learn a little bit about a client before working with them can truly help set the client-caregiver relationship off to a good start.

I have seen the importance of this effort to connect with our clients first hand. Although I am busy with running New Wave Home Care, I am able to build a relationship with my clients by stopping in to see them whenever I can. I always make an effort to visit clients, get to know them, and make sure they feel valued and content with the care they receive. In doing so, I always try to connect with my clients, even if I do not work with them every day in the way their caregivers do. If I cannot always be there to see them in person, I make sure to talk with them on the phone regularly. Being able to connect with my clients and engage in conversation directed towards who they are as a unique individual helps me form a bond with them. I also like to know their interests and any small gestures I can make to make them happy. For instance, I may hear that a specific client likes red wine, and make sure to bring them a bottle every time I visit them. This takes almost no time for me to do, and can truly make someone’s day.

showing love and helping hand for seniors

Redefining caregiving

It may sound unimportant to make these efforts when caregiving often centers around health and wellbeing of seniors or others in need of care. However, I hope that at the end of the day, each and every one of my clients can experience a degree of joy when they interact with their caregivers. In many ways, this emotional aspect is more crucial, and difficult to fully address, when it comes to caregiving.

I want to redefine caregiving so that it does not entail simply going through the daily motions of cooking, cleaning, and addressing the physical needs of a person. With New Wave Home Care, I want caregiving to be personal, comfortable, and enjoyable. Especially with end of life care, the emotional aspect of a client-caregiver relationship can speak volumes.

The meals, the medications, the laundry, that’s important. But caregiving is about more than that. There is a connection, there is appreciation, and our clients, as well as their families, are always happy to see and experience this.

If you feel that you or a loved one may benefit from the personal and compassionate care that we provide at New Wave Home Care, please feel free to learn more about the types of care that we offer, and contact us via our website or at (626) 466-9470, or our toll free number (888) 385-9898.

showing love and helping hand for seniors

Cultivating a Client–Caregiver Relationship

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Learn more about our compassionate and personal Geriatric Care Services here at New Wave Home Care.

Call our toll free number 888.385.9898 or click the button below to know what care suits you or your loved one.

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